A Year-Long Festival Russian Seasons in Japan are Coming to a Close

This large-scale festival in the Land of the Rising Sun, dedicated to celebrating every facet of Russian culture, has lasted almost a whole year. But just because it's about to end doesn't me the two countries have to break off all contact. And so, the Japanese public is happy to give thunderous applause to the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre.

Japanese theatre-goers firmly associate the word 'ballet' with Russia; and if it's not just any ballet but Swan Lake, this guarantees their undivided attention, even if the show takes place on a weekday amid the hectic holiday preparations. The dancers from the St. Petersburg Academic Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre take to the stage in Tokyo. The classical rendition of Tchaikovsky's most famous work does not fail to stun the Japanese audience. The theatre is shaken by a rumble of applause after every act.


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