A Triumph of Ballet Classics

The Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre opened its summer season with a renewed rendition of the classical Swan Lake ballet at the legendary Mariinsky Theatre, which was completely sold out.

The resounding success of the first shows and thunderous applause from the audience settled once and for all that the young but doubtlessly skilled Leonid Yacobson Ballet Company members had passed the creative maturity test with flying colours. The right to perform at Mariinsky, one of the most prestigious theatre venues in St. Petersburg and worldwide, is in and of itself a colossal responsibility for the dancers and the theatre's managers, who show more and more professionalism and popularity among the sophisticated theatre-goers from St. Petersburg with every passing season. The streamlined performance schedule has hit the bull's eye, providing the locals and guests, who flock to Russia's cultural capital during the peak of the tourist season, with an opportunity to see the world's most famous ballet in its innovative version by the Yacobson Company, which they will still have until mid-August. The public has been captivated both by the flawlessly honed body language of the production's main duo (the young dancers Andrey Sorokin and Alla Bocharova, who have already managed to earn several prestigious awards), the admirably synchronized movements of the dance ensemble, and the fantastical scenery created by the distinguished set designer Vyacheslav Okunev. And the hard-to-please St.Petersburg press has already made remarks that Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre's Swan Lake is 'breaking ballet records' during the very first days of the summer season.