The Queen of Spades. Public Rehearsal.

On November 12, almost three weeks before the premiere of The Queen of Spades, the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre hosted a public rehearsal, which was attended by a large number of journalists from the city's most prominent mass media.

Before the rehearsal, choreographer Iñaki Urlezaga, who is in charge of the new production, explained the meaning of the ballet segments that were about to be rehearsed. For a better demonstration of the show, he chose duos, compositions with multiple performers, and a large-scale ball scene. There were several casts of dancers involved. Afterwards, the press approached the choreographer and the team with questions. 'I spent a lot of time doing research before I started working on this production: I read Pushkin, I listened to music by Tchaikovsky,' the choreographer shared. 'For me, the score for The Queen of Spades already has the structure that I need to express through body language. I realised from the very beginning that this is going to be, above all, a drama, a character-driven story that needs to be told through dance. This is my first experience as a choreographer in Russia. I am sincerely proud to be working in your country, to be making a production that is based on Russian classics, as I have tremendous respect for Russian literature, the Russian dance tradition, and your country's history. I am particularly grateful to this theatre's art director, Andrian Fadeev, for giving me a chance to work out the ballet's nuances, not only with the dancers, but also with the set and costume designers'.