Our Stars in Dortmund

On September 21 and 22, the Theater Dortmund, Germany, will host a number of grand Galas celebrating the Russian Seasons. The Gala performers will include ballet soloists from the leading theatres of Russia's Northern Capital and Dortmund itself. Among other dancers contributing to this ambitious programme — designed by the Dance Open International Ballet Festival and curated by the St. Petersburg Committee for Culture — there will be two star duos from the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre.

Our Theatre's principals, Sofia Matyushenskaya and Andrey Sorokin, will appear in a beautifully expressive pas de deux from Vasili Vainonen's Flames of Paris ballet.

Sofia and Andrey will also get the public acquainted with the famous Choreographic Miniatures, a masterpiece by Leonid Veniaminovich Yacobson, an incredibly talented 20th century choreographer and our Theatre's founder. The Dortmund ballet lovers' journey into the wondrous world of Yacobson's heritage will then continue, guided by a second vibrant duo: Alla Bocharova and Denis Klimuk. They will be performing another item on the Gala programme: the exquisite and fast-paced Viennese Waltz, which has travelled around the world, becoming a hallmark of our unique dance troupe.