Our Sleeping Beauty in the Light of the Golden Soffit

Members of the Leonid Yacobson creative team have been nominated for St. Petersburg's top-tier theatre award for the season of 2016–2017.

Our soloist Andrey Gudyma has received special recognition and is now contending for the Best Male Role in a Ballet Performance award, for his appearance as Catalabutte in the Sleeping Beauty show (choreography by Marius Petipa and Jean-Guillaume Bart). Throughout his exceptionally fruitful decade-long career at the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre, this outstanding dancer has managed to create over a dozen of memorable and diverse characters, appearing in both classical and modern productions. Both the public and the press never fail to praise his mastery of ballet technique and unrivalled artistic charisma. But even his long-time fans were utterly astonished by the sheer amount of personality he gave to Catalabutte in Jean-Guillaume Bart's interpretation of the ballet. A notable ballet critic wrote, 'A vivacious master of character dancing, talented actor and genius of expressive miming, Gudyma has filled this small pantomime role with an impeccable mix of comedy and tragedy: the audience fell in love with the old man Catalabutte, funny and piteous at the same time'.

In turn, the reputable stage designer Olga Shaishmelashvili, who provided the costumes and scenery for the production, is now among the potential winners of the Best Artist in Music Theatre award. When reviewing the Sleeping Beauty premiere, experts made special mentions of the artist's impeccable professionalism, giving due praise to the theatre's management for making the right choice and investing seriously in the productions' stylistic design, 'This is not Olga Shaishmelashvili's first ballet dress-up. She has a rare ability to do her work with style, eschewing the trite and old-fashioned clichés but at the same time keeping within the fairy-tale aesthetic and bearing in mind that the costumes need to be comfortable'.

We congratulate our team members on their well-earned success and hope that the Golden Soffit nominees do win their awards!