Our Dancers at Smolny

On the first day of November, the Governor of St. Petersburg officially congratulated the latest holders of the prestigious Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation title, including Alla Bocharova, principal from the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre.

Following the instructions of the Russian President, Alexander Beglov — acting governor of St. Petersburg — oversaw an official ceremony where he bestowed honorary awards upon the city's most prominent figures, for their outstanding achievements in a variety of fields, from the economy, academia, and education, to culture. The governor warmly greeted the city's best and brightest, saying, 'State awards and honorary titles are a sign that your successes are recognised, and each of you is respected'. We at the Leonid Yacobson Theatre are immensely proud of Alla Bocharova, our shining star, who has already been honoured with the St. Petersburg Youth Award. She has been working tirelessly, giving all of herself to the craft; and both her illustrious title and the generous reception at Smolny are more than well-deserved. Congratulations!