A Masterpiece to Preface The Masterpieces

The Leonid Yacobson Ballet show at the Primorsky venue of the Mariinsky Theatre was of great educational importance.

It is widely known that one of our Theatre's key goals is to preserve the heritage left behind by Leonid Yacobson, the founder of a truly legendary ballet troupe, for the future generations. We made a momentous stride forth in this field as we contributed to the International Theatre Olympics, which visited the Primorsky Venue of the Mariinsky Theatre on October 18 For the first time ever, our dancers introduced the Russian Far East to the Russian Ballet Masterpieces collection, which included Leonid Yacobson's famous choreographic miniatures. The programme received a special touch: an informative and engrossing lecture by the esteemed theatre critic Leila Guchmazova, who gave a striking and emotional presentation of all the rises and falls that our Theatre's founder went through over the course of his complicated creative journey. While commenting on the success of Leila Guchmazova's lecture, Leonid Yacobson, the Inconvenient Genius, the local press reminded its readers that this extraordinary event was part of The Theatre Preface, a special education project celebrating the Year of Theatre in Russia. It features lectures before various shows and concerts, aimed at giving the audience a more in-depth understanding of what it is about to see.