Leonid Yacobson's Masterpieces to Premiere in Vladivostok

The Leonid Yacobson will perform ballet segments from the Russian Ballet Masterpieces programme at the Primorskaya Venue of the Mariinsky Theatre.

On October 18, our Theatre's troupe will visit the Primorskaya Venue of the Mariinsky Theatre and contribute to the St. Petersburg Theatre Tours, which are part of the International Theatre Olympics 2019 programme . On our tour to Vladivostok, the capital of the Primorsky Krai, we will present Russian Ballet Masterpieces: a collection of miniatures choreographed by our Theatre's founder, Leonid Yacobson, and carefully restored through the efforts of the astoundingly talented Tatiana Noginova (costumes) and Alyona Pikalova and Tatiana Vyushinskaya (set design). The miniatures will be performed by: Alla Bocharova, Sofia Matyushenskaya, Olga Mikhailova, Anna Sergeeva, Svetlana Svinko, Anna Skvortsova, Elena Chernova, Denis Klimuk, Andrey Sorokin, Andrey Gudyma, Sergey Davydov, and Sergey Krylov. One hour before the show, prominent ballet critic Leila Guchmazova will present a lecture titled Leonid Yacobson, the Inconvenient Genius, shedding light on both Leonid Yacobson's unusual biography and his famous Choreographic Miniatures, which have long since been acknowledged as precious masterpieces of Russian ballet, and are being lovingly preserved by our Theatre.