Don Quixote at Dance Open

The troupe is going to perform one of its most memorable shows, Johan Kobborg's Don Quixote, at the Alexandrinsky Theatre on December 25. This event is part of the Immortal Classics special programme at the Dance Open  festival. 'Dance. Fall in love. Dream. This is the perfect time to do all of that. Because dance, love, and dreams are the only things that no lockdown can hinder. And Don Quixote—a story where everything shines in the vibrant sunlight—is just what we want to experience during this winter of discontent.' This is how the Russian version of the Dance Open  website describes the upcoming performance, giving a clear answer to anyone who has wondered why this particular show by our theatre, which is the festival's long-time partner and contributor, was chosen as one of the key headliners of this momentous cultural event.