Debuts at the Primosrkaya Venue

The Leonid Yacobson Ballet troupe has successfully performed at the Primorsky Venue of the Mariinsky Theatre, making a memorable contribution to the St. Petersburg Theatre Tours, which were part of the International Theatre Olympics 2019 programme.

The Validivostok theatre goers gave a very warm welcome to dancers from St.Petersburg, visiting Mariinsky's Primorsky venue with their very first show — Russian Ballet Masterpieces, a collection of miniatures choreographed by our Theatre's founder, Leonid Yacobson. The programme was a resounding success, made especially remarkable by several young dancers' débuts. Irina Silantyeva made her first appearance in The Village Don Juan, while Svetlana Svinko debuted in Pas de Quatre. In The Wedding Cortège one-act ballet, Stepan Korolyov played the part of the Rebbe for the first time, and Ksenia Andreenko made her début as the Bridesmaid (her other début was in The Gossips choreographic miniature). We are delighted by our dancers' astounding first performance and hope that they will continue their creative growth!