Début in The Speeling Beauty

The Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre will be performing The Sleeping Beauty, a ballet classic staged by Jean-Guillaume Bart, on the main stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre on January 23 and 24. On January 23, the parts of the Princess's Suitors will be played by our young danseurs Aleksey Shmetoyev, Lorenzo Lodi, and Timofey Fedorenko. The public will also get to meet a new Diamond Fairy, played by Anastasia Milyachenko. Yuliya Korolyova will play the Silver Fairy. Ksenia Andreenko and Victoria Khanzhina will make a début in the first act as well.
​Elina Bednaya will make her first appearance as the Lilac Fairy during the morning show on January 24. We would like to congratulate the young dancers and wish them all the best!