Début in Don Quixote

On the evening of Orthodox Christmas Day, January 7, the public at the Alexandrinsky Theatre will witness a new début by Leonid Yacobson danseur Andrey Gudyma.

It probably wouldn't do to refer to his amazing transformation as a Christmas miracle, as it is the result of diligent creative work and concentrated effort that one of our theatre's most charismatic dancers poured into crafting his new character. After rightfully earning the prestigious Golden Soffit St. Petersburg Theatre Award for his brilliant performance as Espada the bull fighter in the Don Quixote ballet, the dancer will now impress the public with striking character acting as Gamache, a wealthy nobleman who is making futile attempts to win the hand of the beautiful and headstrong Kitri. We hope that our talented colleague plays his new role successfully and continues to grow as a performer!