Classics in the Palace Square

On May 27, dancers from the Saint-Petersburg State Academic Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre will contribute to the popular city-sponsored project, the Classics in the Palace Square concert in celebration of the city's founding anniversary.

Classics in the Palace Square, a grand open-air event that is completely free for the general public, has long since gained the prestigious status of the City Day Festival's key highlight. Following a lasting tradition, our theatre's dancers takes part in this project every year, alongside with the brightest stars of world music and ballet. This year, the Palace Square will be 'invaded' by as many as 28 of our dancers. Natalya Astashina, Hasan Allakhverdiev, Alina Veselova, Aydar Bekbulatov, Evgeny Vladykin, Svetlana Golovkina, Andrey Gudyma, Ekaterina Gusarova, Tasman Davids, Aidar Ishmukhametov, Marseille Kazykhanov, Yuliya Kabatova, Inga Karpova, Santa Kachanova, Valentina Kozintseva, Lawrence Lambert, Sofia Matyushenskaya, Maxim Rodionov, Anna Semakina, Nikita Smolkin, Anna Skvortsova, Vadim Smorodin, Darya Tokareva, Yaroslav Timofeev, Yana Chernoritskaya, Rail Khunafin, Ekaterina Yalynskaya, and Galina Yanovskaya will perform expressive dance numbers to accompany famous vocalists' performance of four musical compositions: the quartet from Gioacchino Rossini's Cinderella opera, Johann Strauss's Voices Of Spring Waltz, O Paris from Les Cent Vierges opera by Charles Lecocq, and Enrico Cannio's Canzóne Napoletána.