Faces of Modern Choreography

The grandest event of the theatre's 45th anniversary season.

The Faces of Modern Choreography is a one-act ballet recital, brought together by promising young choreographers from Saint-Petersburg, under the aegis of the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Saint-Petersburg Committee of Culture.

Anton Pimonov, soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre, has joined the project with two ballets: Iberia, a three-part adaptation of Claude Debussy's 'orchestral image' of the same name, and In the Rhythm of Dreams, with music by Sergey Prokofiev (Violin and Piano Sonata).

In the meanwhile, Konstantin Keikhel, winner of various international festivals and teacher at the Boris Eifman Dance Academy, has made a contribution of his own — the Confrontation ballet, with music by Joby Talbot.

Consequently, the Faces of Modern Choreography project has brought together three utterly different ballets that offer a diverse range of designs, moods, styles, and music scores: Pimonov has staged two ballets — one vivacious and full of colour, and another abstract, aesthetically surreal — while Keikhel has come up with a performance that is both philosophical and lyrically exquisite, with a distinctive set design.

Ballet in one act and three scenes

Scene 1: Down the Streets and Roads
Scene 2: Night-time Fragrances
Scene 3: Festive Morning

'This vivid creation has been painted with the colours of a Mediterranean breeze, of warm sun rays, and of national folklore.

Claude Debussy's music, inspired by the composer's journey to Spain, is the governing force behind the fervently emotional choreography and the abrupt mood shifts...
Six pairs of dancers cross paths, begin to argue, fall in love, draw apart... Their feelings, free of any plot constraints, echo the passion of the music. The costumes are bright and revealing.
During the show, dance is being born every second, here and now'.
Anton Pimonov


Ballet in one act

'A confrontation is a process where time, space and movement clash together, a process that destroys something and forms it anew. In this instance, however, a confrontation is, first and foremost, contact, which later leads to creation, to harmony, to love... To a fresh beginning. Confrontations are something that is out of our control; they are bound to happen every single moment, for as long as the Universe exists'.
Konstantin Keikhel

Ballet in one act and four parts

'This ballet is accompanied by Sergey Prokofiev's Violin and Piano Sonata No. 2. Each of its four parts has its own unique mood, explaining how special and cherished our relationships are. The dancers, eight young men and women, seem to be entranced by the magic of their own movements, forgetting what is real and what is a mere memory, what is a fantasy and what is a dream...'
Anton Pimonov


One-act ballet recital
Music by Claude Debussy, Sergey Prokofiev, and Joby Talbot
Choreography by Konstantin Keikhel and Anton Pimonov
Set and costume design by Oleg Golovko
Lighting design by Evgeny Ganzburg, Honoured Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation

Running time 2 hours 10 minutes
Presented with two intervals

The show premiered on DECEMBER 13, 2013

Ticket prices:
from 300 to 2500 rubles

The Theatre would like to express its gratitude to Mr Toshihiko Takahashi for his support in creating the production.