Leonid Yacobson's version of classicism is based on an unmatched fusion between the carefully picked music score and the unique choreographic patterns that flow together into a never-ending stream of movement and portray an incredible line-up of characters.

The Classicism-Romanticism cycle was a true breakthrough, a long way ahead of its time; but interestingly enough, its initial purpose was completely the opposite: Leonid Yacobson's spiteful critics chastised him for a supposed lack of knowledge of the classics, while he used the power of his genius to prove them wrong.

While handling each of the classical ballet forms — variations, duets, Pas de deux, Pas de trois, Pas de quatre — the choreographer breathed new life both into the music and the dance, turning each miniature into a drama in its own right, and into a symbol of romantic harmony.


Pas de Trois (Music by Gioacchino Rossini)
Minuet (Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Pas de Quatre (Music by Vincenzo Bellini)
Vestris (Music by Gennady Banschikov)
Sextet (Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Meditation (Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky)

Choreography by Leonid Yacobson

The show premiered on JUNE 13, 1971

Ticket prices:
from 300 to 2500 rubles